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Skid steer tires are one of the more application specific types of specialty tires. Tread designs are built for surface use and job application. While some tire dealers only stock a few choices of tread designs to cover all the different types of applications these machines are used for, we at Ken Jones believe you should have choices that will meet your demands and your budget! Skid steer loaders have become one the most widely used pieces of equipment in construction, demolition, excavation,farming, recycling and landscaping.  As skid steer machines capabilities have increased, so have the demands of Skid Steer Tires.

Today's machine operators are more likely to prefer skid steer tires that are "purpose-built" with tread designs that are made for their specific work application. At Ken Jones Tires we stock a huge selection of purpose built skid steer tires with specific tread designs that will improve machine performance and reduce cost per hour. We offer good, better, and best choices to meet your needs and your budget!

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Before buying, take a look at the basic categories and applications: 

  • Hard Surface: are designed for exceptional wear in hard surface applications such as concrete and pavement.

  • Severe Service: are designed with a super deep tread with cut and chunk resistant tread compounds.This tire performs well in extreme job sites such as rock, gravel, demolition, scrap yards and glass plants. 

  • Heavy Duty: are premium tires that are constructed with a rim guard and extra thick sidewall bar to help protect against rim damage and sidewall punctures. Combining higher ply ratings, traction, long life and quality, these tires are ideal for applications such as general construction, skid loader rentals, snow removal, landscaping and farming. 

  • Standard Duty skid loader tires are more economically priced and are used for light landscaping duties and other mild service applications. 

If you have any questions about which skid steer tire is the right choice for you, call the Skid Steer Tire Experts at Ken Jones Tires.


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Low Sidewall Options (LSW) for Skid Steer Tires

Titan Tires has announced low sidewall options (LSW) for skid steers in 2 tire sizes. LSW features a larger rim diameter and smaller sidewall than standard tires, which improves equipment stability and performance.The lower profile and increased wheel size of the LSW design improves stability and provides a smoother ride(reduces bouncing and recoil) associated with the larger sidewalls with standard tires. This new design has many benefits:

  • increased bucket loads due to less equipment swaying
  • smoother ride; less bumping
  • increased stability on curves and hillside conditions
  • improved handling


LSW Skid Steer Tires Size Options

Titan HD 2000 II LSW features deep lugs, a heavy sidewall and a large rim guard for excellent durability. Available in 

10-19.5 and 12-19.5 skid steer sizes are an alternative to standard  10-16.5 and 12-16.5 sizes.


Read more on our blog, or click here for the Titan Profile for LSW Options.


The Best Choice of Skid Steer Tire Brands

Ken Jones wants our customers to have choices. That is why we stock the best brands- ready to be shipped usually the same day! We carry the full line of read designs by top skid steer tire manufacturers such as Carlisle, Titan, BKT, Galaxy, and Armour.

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